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Frank Wilton, Editor-in-Chief

Frank Wilton is the Editor-in-Chief of The Lions' Roar. Now in his third year of journalism at Middletown North, he enjoys writing about anything and everything. His personal interests include hiking, music, the stock market, New York sports (but not hockey...can you blame him?), and, of course, writing.

An incredibly passionate Libertarian, Frank Wilton believes in political, social, and economic freedom, much to the chagrin of the socialists of his generation. A student of the game of baseball, he believes in WRC+, wOBA, and WHIP. Never one to shy away from controversial opinions, his favorite Bob Dylan album (outside of Highway 61 Revisited, of course) is New Morning.. A deeply concerned environmentalist, he believes in shutting off the TV and going outside (especially when the TV is playing Sean Hannity on his second rant of the hour about how global warming doesn't exist).

When you read Frank Wilton's pieces, expect nothing but the cold, hard truth. When you see him in the halls, pick his brain on school sports, the local music scene, and global fiscal policy. He'll be happy to talk about any of those things...but be ready for facts. He's a journalist, after all.

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Frank Wilton