Finding Red Bank’s Best Burrito


Frank Wilton, Staff Writer

The burrito is, undoubtedly, one of America’s greatest inventions. Created by Mexican Americans in the Southwest during the late 17th century, perhaps no other food rivals the flavor and convenience of the burrito.

For years, Red Bank’s burrito king was Surf Taco on Broad Street. The Point Pleasant Beach born company made a name for itself with a pleasant atmosphere and fantastic food.

Within the last calendar year, however, Chipotle and 10th Avenue Burrito Co. have moved within a square mile of Surf Taco. Now, Red Bank has three prime spots for burritos, but can only have one undisputed ruler.

With three extremely viable options for Tex-Mex cuisine availed to consumers, I have set out to find the best burrito in Red Bank, based on a variety of factors.


Surf Taco

Atmosphere- The vibe at Surf Taco is awesome. With walls covered with tropical murals, reggae music blaring, and a large TV playing surfing highlights, it’s hard not to have a good time while in Surf Taco. Couple that with a clean restaurant and quick service, and Surf Taco has a near perfect environment.


Price- I paid $8.95 for a Garlic Shrimp burrito and chips and $7.95 for a Sunset’s Classic Burrito. I can’t complain about that.


Food- The Garlic Shrimp Burrito was amazing. The smooth white cilantro sauce, diced tomatoes, and shrimp, were all excellent. The Sunset’s Classic Burrito was also fantastic, but the burrito was overstuffed and I had to eat it with a fork, crushing the convenience factor of the burrito. Overall, the burritos were fantastic and I would eat at Surf Taco without hesitation.





Atmosphere– Eating at Chipotle is reminiscent of eating in a prison cafeteria. The industrial vibe that the chain attempts to give off makes it look dirty, and the floors are often full of remnants of past customers’ dining experiences. The lines are always long and trying to get your burrito is a long and arduous process. If you’re going to eat Chipotle, I recommend getting take out.


Price- $7.50 for a chicken burrito. Good! $2.11 for guacamole. Not so much. All told, though, that’s a solid deal.


Food- The food at Chipotle is awesome. Good sizes, good taste, and great structural integrity. All in all, it’s hard not to enjoy a chipotle burrito. 9/10



10th Avenue Burrito

Atmosphere- 10th Ave has a great atmosphere. Southwestern themed murals on the wall, live music at the bar on weekend nights, waterfront views, and a friendly staff makes one feel cozy and at home while enjoying a nice, sit-down meal.


Price- If this joint has one pitfalls, it is their prices. I paid 11 dollars for a blackened mahi burrito and chips, but, as I will allude to later, this price well worth it.


Food- The burrito I ate at 10th Avenue Burrito was probably the best I have ever had. They perfectly blended orange glazed mahi, spinach, rice, beans, and a delicious mole sauce. If you need a good burrito, 10th Avenue Burrito Co. is the place to go.


There you have it: Red Bank’s best burrito belongs to 10th Avenue Burrito Co. Surf Taco was a close second, and Chipotle was a distant third. All in all, you can’t go wrong with either three, but 10th Ave. is clearly the best choice.