Jonas Brothers’ Comeback Single

Emily O'Keeffe, Staff Writer

On March 1, the Jonas Brothers released their first single in over five years titled “Sucker.” It is a pop song co-written written by the Jonas Brothers and Ryan Tedder. The single was produced by Louis Bell and Frank Dukes. The song features bass, guitar and mixing.

The music video featured the trio of boys and their significant others. It included Kevin’s wife, Danielle, Nick’s wife, Priyanka, and Joe’s fiancee, Sophie. The video was filmed at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

The Jonas Brothers have been promoting their songs on different radio and TV shows. They have also been seen recently on The Late Late Show with James Corden, beginning on March 4.

On the show, Nick Jonas said, ”We’ve kept this a secret now for almost seven, eight months.”

The song has hit top 50 charts in over ten countries and is still being played on the radio.  Fans are excited to see what is next for the trio!