Middletown North Warms Hearts and Fills a Plate

Middletown North Warms Hearts and Fills a Plate

Dena Lombardo, Editor-In-Chief

MIDDLETOWN NJ- Students of the Culinary Arts program at Middletown High School North spent the last three weeks preparing, making, and packaging both pumpkin and banana mini-loaf breads to send to their local charity organization, Middletown Helps Its Own.

In each donated bread package, families- depending on their size- received three mini-loaves of bread, pumpkin, and a sticker on top of a saran wrapped tinfoil container. These were then placed into boxes or tote-bags at Middletown Helps Its Own in New Monmouth Baptist Church, where volunteers created food packages for families in need for Thanksgiving; full turkeys, boxed and canned holiday foods, breakfasts, sweets and hot chocolate, and water were also in these donation bins.

Mrs. Sandone, Middletown North’s culinary arts teacher tweeted on November 17, 2017 “Thank you MHSN Foods students for working so hard to make 260+ pumpkin breads to donate to Middletown Helps Its Own. Just delivered all of them!”


After the 260+ loaves of pumpkin bread were delivered to families in need in the Middletown area, students felt proud in knowing they were doing good for the community. Student, cheerleader, and active member in several clubs at Middletown High School North, Amanda Clemente said, “It was heartwarming to know that in the hallways of Middletown North children were helping to better the holidays of those in need. It was an amazing program to contribute to.”

Most, if not all, students felt this way in contributing to the program. Some admitted it was tedious work at times, however after it was done the students were glad and proud that they had contributed to such a cause. The Middletown High School North Culinary Arts program provided a dessert and treat for families struggling to put dinner on the table, let alone a Thanksgiving dinner, when they worked hard and long to make and donate over 260 loaves of bread these past few weeks.