Italian American Heritage Month


Brandon Chuisano, Staff Writer

Italian American Heritage Month takes place throughout the entire month of October.  It is a time to celebrate heritage, family, food and history. 

Italian Americans are among the most influential people in American history.  Some of the most famous Italian Americans include the entertainer of the 20th century Frank Sinatra, founder of Bank of America Amedeo Giannini, the first woman to obtain a vice-presidential ticket Geraldine Ferraro and the first Italian American to be appointed to the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia. These are people who had influence on the future, culture and religion of the peoples of America. 

Italian American Heritage Month is also a time to look back on the ancestors that made many sacrifices and left everything they knew and loved behind in Italy to come here and give it a shot in a new world.  They did this so that their descendants would have better lives. 

This is a wonderful time to remember and honor immigrants of all backgrounds and the sacrifices they made.


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