Mr. Convey’s Phys Ed Classes Complete Marine Corps Fit Program


Lion's Roar Staff, Writer

Principal Patricia Vari-Cartier and Ray Convey proudly display the trophy and plaque that the MHSN students earned while completing the Marine Corps Fit Program.

Middletown High School North Physical Education teacher Ray Convey and his students were recognized for their participation in the Marine Corps Fit Program. According to, the Marine Corps Fitness Challenge was created to help students commit to their fitness journey at home during this unique pandemic year, through a United States Marine Corps 12-week workout program.  Throughout the 2020-21 school year, Mr. Convey’s Physical Education classes participated in numerous activities.  According to the United States Marine Corps Sports Leadership Academy:

“Not everyone can make it out to our awesome clinics. That’s why this year we’ve expanded our program to come directly to your school. We’re serious about impacting our local communities, and we believe that every student should have access to our leadership and fitness training.”

Mr. Convey’s Physical Education classes received a trophy, plaque and prizes for their participation in the 12 week Marine Corps Fit Program. The Middletown High School North community is proud of the certification earned by Mr. Convey and his dedicated students.