The Great Gatsby Review

The Great Gatsby Review

Olivia Badway, Staff Writer

When Nick Carraway arrives at the Long Island Sound, he doesn’t know what he is in for. While living next to Jay Gatsby, what to expect is the booming music and flowing of champagne, while the night is still young during the “roaring twenties”. 


This summer it is Nick’s job to set up two old “friends”, his cousin Daisy Buchanan and his friend Jay Gatsby. The novel captured the once simplicity in loving in youth. 


The familiar work of F. Scott Fitzgerald explores the themes of power, greed and betrayal, all stemming from the American dream. He makes a clear distinction between old and new money, revealing that some of the things we often dream of are an unreachable standard due to certain people or circumstances. 


I enjoyed this short and classy read, ultimately rating it as an 8/10.