MHSN Introduces Badminton Club


Ryan Miller

Middletown High School North is introducing a badminton club starting March 27, 2023. The Badminton Club will focus on the importance of teamwork and connecting with peers. Bonding with others and building new friendships is a primary focus of the club. One will be able to improve their social skills while getting exercise and being able to compete.

For students who are not too familiar with badminton, badminton is a racket sport that is played with a birdie, rather than a typical ball. Typically, teams of 2 play against each other and compete in a game to 15. The Badminton Club is friendly for all levels of experience. In the club, we will learn the fundamentals from scratch, and then move into practices and competitions among peers. Beginners will be able to get a fun experience while learning the basics.

Typically, the MHSN Badminton Club will have fun little ladder tournaments, where the winner stays on the King’s Court. Regardless of experience, all are welcome to come out and enjoy the Badminton Club.

The Google Classroom Code is: xcj7int

Please reach out to Ryan Miller with any questions!
[email protected]

Monday, March 27th,
Block 4 in Room 1105.