MHSN Hosts 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament


Lion's Roar Staff

The Middletown High School North Peer Leaders has organized the 2023 March Madness 3 versus 3 Basketball tournament.  During the week of March 20-24, 2023, students have created teams of three and have participated in a fun, but competitive basketball tournament during blocks 3 and 4.

MHSN Peer Leaders Advisor Jen Smith stated “This tournament has been amazing. The student turnout has exceeded expectations with the number of students playing, coaching and the amount just watching the games” said Smith.  The uppergym has featured over 200 students playing and watching during the week of the 3 on 3 Tournament.

The involvement of the student body this year has led to not only this event being renewed for next school year, but other activities for the month of April, May and June to be incorporated to promote this positive initiative.  “This tournament has served as a positive outlet for the MHSN student body during the block 3 and 4 window. This event has shown a great sense of unity, school pride and most importantly a sense of fun” said Smith.

The tournament is not just limited to students as the MHSN Staff has also been participating in which the winner of the staff bracket will play the student bracket winners for the Championship on Friday March 24, 2023.

Great job Mrs. Smith and the MHSN Peer Leaders on promoting such a positive even hear at Middletown High School North.