The Boys Continue to Buzz


Nicholas Scerbo, Staff Writer

The reigning Shore Conference hockey champions, Middletown North Lions, continue to dominate the Shore Conference this season. Midd North has a combined score of 24-0 over Shore Conference teams in their past three encounters (Catholic, Marlboro, Manalapan). 


The boys have rallied a record of 4-4-4, after playing two top 20 teams in the state and tying both (Chatham, Colonia). After starting off the year 0-3, the Lions have had a positive comeback and are making their presence known not only in the Shore but amongst the entire state of New Jersey. Captains Joey Wall (11), Andrew Gross (12), Lachlan Hager (12), and Jimmy Mullarney (12) have all grown individually throughout the season and have helped their teammates improve as well. Middletown North was a feared opponent last year in the Shore and State tournaments and they’re on their way to continuing that narrative again this year. 


The boys have been a pleasure to watch from the stands and are to play a critical Shore game today against St. John Vianney. The boys expect the stands to be full and loud as always. All I have to say is… Pack. The. Den.