Two Teams, One Rivalry


Emily Bulmer, Writer

MIDDLETOWN-While many were watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving morning, families in Middletown, New Jersey were watching the annual Thanksgiving game between same town rivals Middletown High School North and Middletown High School South. This was the most awaited game of the whole year. 

This was the town’s 47th year playing each other. There have been 35 wins by Middletown South, 12 by Middletown North and one tie over the years. This year the game started off with a bang! Middletown North’s running back Neno Acker scored the first touchdown of the game. This gave the North Nation a glimpse of hope for a comeback against South.

South came back shortly after tying up the game. People couldn’t be more excited to see what would come next. In the second quarter Middletown North’s kicker Ian Boole gave the Lions another point with a field goal. However, the Eagles responded with another touchdown scored by Collin Gallagher.

At halftime,  South’s cheerleaders performed their annual routine. North’s cheerleaders performed in the morning before kick off. Both teams did amazing jobs! After halftime, sadly the North Lions struggled to keep up after the Eagles scored touchdowns in both the third and fourth quarters. Overall, the game was a great experience for all with a final score of 27-10, marking another win for the Middletown South Eagles. Both teams had a great season and will continue this rivalry next year at Middletown North. 

photos via Kevin Prefer