Throwback Thursday: Kicking It Old School


Lion's Roar Staff, Writer

For the past seven years, Middletown High School North’s Student Government has created multiple platforms to share and celebrate the rich history here at Middletown High School North.  One of the most recent activities has been “Throwback Thursday” that honors a specific graduating class by posting 75 plus photos of those seniors.

Each week, Middletown High School North’s Student Government posts on their Facebook page a specific set of yearbook photos documenting the selected graduating class. The postings feature several pictures from each of the graduating classes from Leonardo High School, Middletown Township High School and Middletown High School North.

Each week members of the community are asked to share stories or moments of reflection based on the photos that have been posted.  The Middletown High School North Student Government has received a great deal of positive feedback and they continue to promote their mantra “ONCE A LION, ALWAYS A LION”.

If you would like to check out Throwback Thursday Celebrations, visit the Middletown North Facebook Page at