A Look Into the 2021 Winter Track Season


Erin Zabriskie, Writer

On February 1, 2021 the Middletown North track teams will begin their winter seasons. Due to the pandemic, the track programs of New Jersey will have new protocols and restrictions in order to ensure that athletes can compete safely. The Lion’s Roar interviewed Coach Hussey for a preview of what to expect during this unique season.

It will be a unique indoor track season for Middletown North, with most events being pushed to outside facilities.

The 2021 winter track season is going to be very different from previous seasons. This year, instead of competing in indoor facilities as usual, most meets will be held outdoors with limited amounts of athletes and spectators. These new “polar bear meets” will be between two or three schools at a time.

“What will be most different for the winter season is the numbers of athletes and limited meets. Indoor has shown to be a very competitive season for us, as it was last year, and it is a shame to miss out on that level of competition. However, I do like the idea of polar bear meets and the championship meets having the smaller number of events and athletes,” Coach Hussey explained. 

She continued, “Those meets usually have a very positive and encouraging feel and I hope that it is what the athletes get from them, in addition to being competitive as they can be, for the current climate.”

Despite the unprecedented circumstances, Coach Hussey still has high hopes for the upcoming season. 

“I think the athletes could really use this season as a mental and physical confidence booster and new challenge. If an athlete can achieve a PR, feel stronger, more confident and help one another, those are the best accomplishments in my mind,” she finished. 

Coach Hussey looks forward to seeing the athletes training hard and competing to the best of their abilities. She, as well as many of the athletes, is grateful to have a winter season this year and hopes that it will provide a sense of normalcy even with precautions in place.

As of right now, track meets can begin on February 16. As the season progresses, restrictions and requirements will continue to change. Although this season is sure to be different, North athletes will continue to work hard and keep a positive attitude.