Varsity Hockey Pre-Season Scrimmage

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Frankie Wendling, Staff Writer

The Middletown High School North ice hockey team is getting back into the hockey season starting off with a scrimmage against Howell High School on Friday, November 22. Even though the rosters aren’t set in stone, Howell ice hockey held 26 players and Middletown High School North held just 20. 

Both teams went at it during the first period with great defense either side.  Howell surprised Middletown North scoring a goal at the end of the first period.

During the second period, Middletown North’s offense was on the attack.  The boys came out strong, but it wasn’t enough to put one in the back of the net. In the middle of the second period, the game came to a delay due to an injury suffered by a Howell player, which resulted in the paramedics arriving at the scene.

Due to the delay in play, the scrimmage was only able to last for a total of 13 more minutes.  This was unfortunate for the Lions because they struggled to get back into their momentum after the waiting period.

Toward the end of the scrimmage, Howell managed to score two more goals, making the score 3-0, but the Lions did not want to go home with the shutout. Junior Zach Brady put one in the back of the net during a power play, finally putting the Lions on the scoreboard.  However, the goal was not enough for the Lions and at the buzzer the final score was 3-1, leaving Howell with the win.

The Lions are anxious to make a comeback and have a big game coming up on December 10 against their rival Middletown South at 7:30 PM.  Be sure to come out to support the team and show your North Pride!