Roar for the Cure: MHSN Launches Breast Cancer Awareness Month with #PINKOUT


Natalie DiBrita, Writer

On Friday, October 5th, Middletown High School North will recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month by hosting a “Pink Out” game versus Brick Memorial High School at 7:00 p.m.  Show your support by wearing as much pink as you during the game.  Students are encouraged to wear pink, paint their faces pink and hold signs that recognize this great cause.  Middletown High School North organizes the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, which kicked off on October 1st and will run through October 31st.  The Middletown North community has engaged in many activities and initiatives to support the fight against breast caner. The MHSN faculty has organized presentations and assemblies with Middletown’s Breast Intentions program, raised money through from sale proceeds of pink lollipops and bracelets that have been donated to the Susan B. Koman Foundation. This initiative has been running strong for six years and more unique ways of spreading awareness have been added to raise funds and support   “Roar for the Cure” stickers being given out, collecting change, and selling shirts and other apparel designed for the Pink Out have also been very successful activities. The biggest misconception is that only women are impacted by breast cancer.  According to the American Cancer Society’s website (, breast cancer does impact the male population: “The American Cancer Society estimates that bout 2,550 new male cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed and about 480 men will die from breast cancer”.

The key focus of the awareness program is to educate students on how to be aware of your body and certain things to look for.  According to the National Breast Cancer website, there are many ways to check yourself. You can check looking in the mirror, laying down on your back, or in the shower. If you go to the following link, , it will show you how to check. Doing a self exam is an easy way to cover any negative possibilities. If anything seems slightly unusual, talk to your doctor about it.

Some come to the “Pink Out” on Friday and show your support for this great cause.  Be loud and proud while joining North Nation in rooting for our football team and supporting breast cancer awareness.

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