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Super Bowl Sunday

Dena Lombardo, Editor-In-Chief

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Super Bowl Sunday opened up with Pink’s performance of the National Anthem after a chorus performance and Leslie Odom Jr.

The game gained momentum quickly and eventually reached a score of 15-12 Eagles with 45 seconds left in the second quarter.

At third and goal, Eagles threw the ball up for a pass, but were unsuccessful as the Patriots defense stepped in blocked the throw.

At the one yard line with 38 seconds left in the quarter, 4th down and goal, Philadelphia strategized and scored a touchdown. Noted by the announcers to be one of the greatest play calls by the Eagles, that ended the first half with a score of 22-12.

Half time opened with a performance from Justin Timberlake and his recently released song “Filthy” and transitioned into old hits that included “Rock Your Body”, “Sexy Back”, “My Love” and ended with “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

Patriots start up the second half with a touchdown upping their score to make the game 19-22.

Eagles got the next touchdown landing the left foot of Corey Clement within a hairline of the boundries.

In the fourth quarter of the game with 4:52 to go, the score got as close as 33-32 with the Eagles still ahead.

Two minutes left in the game the Eagles have the crowds roaring as tight end Zach Ertz dives over the touchdown line and lands with the ball touching the ground.

As with all scoring plays in the NFL, the play was reviewed by the officials to verify the receivers possession as he crossed the goal line. Eagles fans were pleased to see after the suspenseful moments that the play was indeed a touchdown. The Eagles then set up for the 2 point conversion in order to be ahead by 7 points but they were not able to score. With the score 38-32 and in danger of being beat by a Patriots touchdown, the Eagles defense knew they needed to play better than ever before.

New England’s only turnover of the game through Tom Brady was intercepted by rookie Brandon Graham with two minutes left in the game.

Feelings of anxiety raced through all fans as the eagles shifted their offensive momentum to their defense. With this, the Eagles managed to force a fumble from Tom Brady. With this turnover the Eagles were able to score a field goal, bringing their lead to 8 points. With less than a minute to go, the Patriots put forth their best efforts to make their way down the field, attempting long passes down the field and with seconds to go Tom Brady put forth his last efforts to score but was unsuccessful, sealing the Philadelphia Eagles first ever Super Bowl win.

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Dena Lombardo, Editor-In-Chief

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Super Bowl Sunday