Season Two of Ginny and Georgia Takes Netflix by Storm


Rashi Mhapsekar, Staff Writer

Netflix original, Ginny and Georgia, released its long awaited second season on January 5, 2023, approximately two years after the debut of the first season. The show came in with a bang and earned a number one spot on the English TV List and was listed at over 180.47 million hours viewed following its debut.


The show stars Antonia Gentry as Ginny Miller, Brianne Howey as Georgia Miller, Diesel La Toracca as Austin Miller and other well known actors such as Felix Mallard, Scott Porter, Sara Waisglass and many more. 


 The show gives off Gilmore Girls vibes except it’s a lot darker and riskier. The plot surrounds a 15-year-old girl, her younger brother, Austin and their 30-year-old mother. After an incident with Ginny and Austin’s late stepfather, the three of them move to a new suburban town in Massachusetts called Wellsbury. The show transitions back to Georgia’s life when she was younger and shows her dark side and all the secrets she hides with a smile and a welcoming southern accent. 


After constantly moving around, the family moves to Wellsbury for a “fresh start”. While shady secrets from Georgia’s past constantly come to light, the whole family must put on a normal front and hide the chaos that arises in the Miller household. Throughout both seasons, both new characters and old constantly come into play, making it a little harder to hide the truth. 


Ginny and Georgia leaves you entertained and on the edge of your seat after every single episode. But that’s not all that it can offer. The show consists of real world issues like sexual assault, abusive relationships, self harm and family problems that a lot of viewers can relate to. When people see more shows highlighting and spreading awareness about unfortunately common occurrences like these, it allows them to feel less alone and more open to sharing their stories and seeking help.


Overall, Ginny and Georgia is an amazing show that handles real world issues very well. Viewers are hoping for a season three in the near future though the series has not yet been renewed. If you are interested in the show, you should definitely give it a watch.