Emily in Paris: Season Three Review


Emma Gomez, Staff Writer

Emily in Paris season 3 recently premiered on December 21, 2022. The new season encases new relationships, heartbreak, jealousy, risk and opportunities that challenge the plot in various ways. 




If you missed season 2, it left off with Emily deciding between working with Sylvie or Madeline, her post boss from Chicago.  It seemed pretty evident that she was going to choose to work with Sylvie at her new agency, Agenge Grateau, but instead she chose to say yes to both of her bosses and work two jobs. I personally did not enjoy this beginning plot line. Emily is a bit weak and was too nervous to leave Madeline, which is something that I did not admire about her in the show. 


Finally, Emily finds out she would have to go back to Chicago to continue working with Madeline, she leaves the Gilbert Group to stay in Paris instead. However, beforehand Emily was fired by Sylvie since she found out she was working two jobs. For a short period of time, Emily temporarily worked for Gabriel at his restaurant and did more content creating on her instagram: @emilyinparis. I enjoyed watching Emily live with more free time because it let her realize that she missed working full time and that it was her calling. 


Emily returns to work with Sylvie after she gets a good brand deal and that conflict is resolved. Camille and Mindy on the other hand were not very likable to me this season. Camille cheated on Gabriel out of jealousy, and Mindy broke up with BenoÎt due to misunderstanding. Mindy then quickly jumped into another relationship with the rich, snobby, Nicholas De Leon from her boarding school in Switzerland. I did not think that Nicholas was the right person for Mindy – he was not reliable and was rude to Emily, Mindy’s best friend. We’ll see if that lasts next season… 


Finally, Camille and Gabriel get engaged at the end of season, Gabriel still had no idea about Camille cheating on him. During the ceremony, Camille says no at the altar and speaks her voice saying that Emily is the right person for Gabriel, not her. 


I think most viewers of Emily in Paris expect Gabriel and Emily to get together at some point, but not like this! We also find out at the very end of the season that Camille is pregnant which was a super plot twist. Personally, I liked the various conflicts that were presented in the last episode. It left viewers wanting more and feeling anxious for the next season. 


Emily in Paris, season 4 is expected to be released in December of 2023 based on prior release schedules. However, Netflix has not spoken about it yet.