White vs. Colored Christmas Lights


Photo courtesy of Southern Living.

Isabella Caruso, Staff Writer

White or colorful lights–there’s no denying that there’s a strong debate over which one truly captures the holiday spirit. 


The argument has been going on since Christmas lights were invented in 1882. There have definitely been trends throughout the years. In the early 1900s, white lights were more popular, but in the 1930s colored lights were all the rage. 


In modern times, colored lights seem to be more popular. “62 percent said they prefer multicolored lights, versus the 38 percent who opt for white lights,” said Bill Cielinski, co-owner of B&B Holiday Decorating. In the end, both options have their share of pros and cons. 


White lights represent innocence and purity. People prefer them since they offer a blank slate and match with all different kinds of decoration. They also provide a calm, classy ambience that’s perfect for the Christmas season. “White lights are clean, and they make everything else that’s colorful pop,” says Emma Gomez, a student at Middletown High School North.


Colored lights are usually favored for their nostalgic feeling. There aren’t any limits when it comes to decorating a colorful tree. They match with everything, so the rules don’t apply. Additionally, the invention of LED lights has made colorful lights more popular. 


Whether your family opts for a classy look or a nostalgic feeling this year, decorating your home makes the holiday season more special for everyone.