Thanksgiving Sides: Best and Worst


Photo courtesy of Food Network.

Rylee Tetreault, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year, but in reality, everyone is really wondering, “What is the best thanksgiving side?’’ I’m here to tell you that I have an answer to this important question.


Mashed potatoes and gravy take the cake.  They are buttery, smooth and savory and they never steer you wrong. In second place is baked mac and cheese. You have to add the breadcrumb topping as this is what allows the dish to truly attain perfection. I also have to add rolls to this list. A buttered roll is a palate cleanser and can be so filling. Another favorite side is roasted vegetables, something healthy that always tastes delicious. One final, yet possibly controversial Thanksgiving side that should never be overlooked is green bean casserole. It is utterly delicious, yet it is often passed over in favor of something else.


Now for the overused, worst kinds of Thanksgiving sides. The one at the top of this list is stuffing.  It is sort of boring and is truly not that spectacular.  I know a few who are crazy about it but most feel they could do without it on Thanksgiving.  Canned cranberry sauce is next on the list.  There is something about how moist it is that really throws me off. Ambrosia is a no brainer.  Made up of cubed fruit, marshmallows, cherries, sour cream and cool whip, it gives all the wrong textures at once.  Finally, cornbread is another overused and overrated side dish. There are so many other breads that taste much better, but people seem to always choose cornbread over other options. However, it is very dry and far too crumbly to enjoy.  People should opt for stuffed focaccia, cranberry orange quick bread, sweet potato biscuits or parker house rolls instead.


Next year when you start to plan for Thanksgiving, take some of these ideas into consideration and try something new!