Technology Takeover

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Victoria Grimaldi, Staff Writer

Do you ever catch yourself asking your friends to repeat themselves because you did not know what they said the first time?  Was the reason because you were too enthralled with something on your iPhone? 

Today’s generation is attached to their phones. You really cannot go anywhere and not see at least one person on a phone. Even walking through the hallways at school, there are so many students that are more fixated on whatever is on their screens than where they are going or who is around them. The more advanced technology becomes, the more it seems to control our lives. 

In a way, technology sets us back.  It is preventing us from doing the simple things in life that we used to do when the technology wasn’t as popular.  It is rare to see children actually playing outside together. They would rather sit in their rooms on their cell phones and face time.  People do not actually need to see each other at all. It is for this reason that personal connections are lost and social skills are lacking in teenagers today.  The more popular technology gets, the more we sacrifice. 

Studies show that technology has increased cyber bullying and low self-esteem. Children go back and forth through a screen saying and doing things they probably would not do in reality.  It is no different with apps like Snapchat, Instagram and VSCO. Teens use their power to comment or screenshot in an effort to hurt others. As time goes on, this becomes more prevalent.  All it takes is one comment and one simple click of a button to destroy someone’s social life and self-esteem. 

Be careful with what you choose to do with your technology.  “With great power comes great responsibility.”-Spiderman