Black Friday 2022


Photo courtesy of Printify.

Jessie DeMatteo, Staff Writer

The Friday after Thanksgiving is a chaotic time for all as people rush through stores trying to find the best deals. Some use it as an excuse to buy the things they have wanted all year but didn’t want to splurge on, while others attempt to go holiday shopping. Nonetheless, Black Friday is an opportunity for all businesses and companies to provide deals to encourage shopping and people participate every year.


Black Friday deals don’t only exist on the Friday itself, but typically commence with the month of November. Businesses start to push out deals at the start of November to make sure that they make the most out of the holiday. The deals continue past Black Friday to what is called “Cyber Monday” where customers can participate in the deals online.


Many prefer to act on Cyber Monday from the comfort of their own homes, both to avoid the chaos that occurs in stores as well as explore different deals exclusively online. Online deals occur throughout the month as well, but the deals tend to be best on the Monday itself. 


The mass chaos that occurs in stores on Black Friday is known throughout the world and law enforcement is usually at the scenes before customer arrival. Some people even go to the extreme of camping out at stores upon opening to ensure that they are the first to get in. 


This event is meant not only to promote holiday shopping, but also to boost the economy. Every year, shopping reaches an all time high on Black Friday and allows for companies everywhere to make money.