Fall Fashion Trends


Nicholas Scerbo, Staff Writer

Fall is well underway and winter is approaching. Our wardrobes are due for a change. This article will discuss the necessary changes that need to be made in order to keep warm this season while also staying trendy.

I polled many students at Middletown High School North regarding fall fashion trends. One of the questions I asked was if it was time to officially socially accept students wearing pajamas to school. I received a lot of interesting responses. Some took to the idea saying, “It’s a comfy outfit meaning it’s a good outfit,” and “students work better when comfy”. 

Others were not as enthused. Some stated that there is a fine line between wearing pajamas and looking like you literally just rolled out of bed. The one answer students collectively agreed upon was that a pair of pajama pants with sneakers and a nice t-shirt is socially acceptable attire. 

As we come upon Halloween, one thing we all need to add to our wardrobes is a different color scheme. When students were polled about new color options, a lot of brown and olive green was suggested, along with burnt orange and dark purple. Maroon and burgundy were also tossed into the mix by a few students.

The final and most controversial subject of this article is “flannel season”. Is it officially that time of year? There was havoc in the halls over this question. Friends turned on friends, relationships were torn. Some said that October 1 marked the commencement of “flannel season” while others strongly disagreed, suggesting it actually begins in early November. 

With the drastic changes in weather over the past two to three weeks, we can all agree that if the fall weather calls for it, you already know what time it is.