MP2 Quarterly Schedule


Photo Courtesy of "10 Quickfire Study Tips".

Vincent Pennino, Staff Writer

As students know, quarterlies are approaching as marking period two comes to an end. For marking period one, teachers assigned project-based assessments to students, but marking period two is a little different. Instead, there will be a written test given in most classes. 

Quarterly week will be here in a blink of an eye and it is important to know the schedule. Quarterlies start on January 28 and will be held through January 31. On the first day of quarterlies, every student will have block 1A and 5A quarterlies. These classes will be extended to 120 minutes, leaving the remaining classes with 40 minutes each. On January 29, students will then have blocks 1B and 5B quarterlies.  Next, January 30 will be blocks 2A and 6A assessments, which leaves January 31 with blocks 2B and 6B quarterlies. 

Teachers will provide students with study guides and will also hold in-class reviews for these assessments.  If students have any questions about the information that will be covered on these tests, they should reach out to their teachers.  They can also meet with teachers during their advisory periods for more individual assistance.

Students must study and be prepared for their quarterlies as they now count for 5% of their marking period grades. Good luck to everyone and be sure to study hard!