Mid-Year Assemblies Prepare Students for the Rest of the School Year


Students listen attentively in the auditorium to updates provided by administration.

Katie Cofone, Staff Writer

Last week during block two, grade level assemblies were held and each grade was provided with important updates for the year.  Administration reviewed expectations for attendance, academics, discipline and involvement in the school and community.

The senior class received updates on prom, as well as information about colleges.  Students were also reminded about purchasing their caps and gowns. The administration noted its appreciation for the decrease in student absences since freshman year. They talked about counselor meetings that will be coming up soon to discuss the class of 2020’s plans after graduation.

The juniors had a similar assembly.  They were provided with updates about the junior prom and were also told about some changes being made to blocks three and four. The biggest change is that the auditorium will now be open for viewing movies during this time.  The upper gym will be available to students as well.

During the sophomore and freshman class assemblies, the administration discussed similar topics.  The one topic that only applied to the freshman class was the topic of transition. Beginning with marking period three, if freshmen earn grades of at least an 80 in all of their classes during marking period two they will no longer have to report to transition.  This is a new reward that is being offered with the hopes that students will put forth the effort to earn higher grades. However, if students’ grades drop again during marking period three they will be required to report back to transition during marking period four.

The grade level assemblies were extremely informative and students are looking forward to the rest of the school year.