Join Yearbook Club!

Photo courtesy of The Clifton Hub.

Photo courtesy of The Clifton Hub.

Frankie Wendling, Staff Writer

The Yearbook Club is still open for membership to students of all grades. Students can make a difference in creating the yearbook and bring their own original ideas to the table.  It’s time to make a change and join the Yearbook Club!

The Lion’s Roar recently interviewed Mrs. Heeter regarding the roles of club members.  “Anyone that joins the yearbook club helps with the publication of the annual yearbook,” she said.  “Students from all grades are needed to produce the finished product, as it contains pictures of club activities, sports, artistic endeavors, and school events.” 

Students in the club also “tag” students from all grades in all of the photos that will be displayed in the yearbook. Tagging is when students look through the photos that were taken throughout the year and confirm the students that are in each photo. 

Meetings are held on Thursdays during Block 3.  However, Room 1201 is available every day before school, during Blocks 3 and 4 and after school for students to select and tag pictures and create yearbook pages.  You can do work at home as well because all the pages of the book can be accessed digitally and work can be done from any location at any given time.

 If you have any questions about the club or are interested in joining, see Ms. Heeter in Room 1201 during Blocks 3 and 4. New members are needed!