Inside the Classroom: Accounting Monopoly

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Inside the Classroom: Accounting Monopoly

Emily O'Keeffe, Staff Writer

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Starting in late February, Accounting I classes at North put a twist on the classic board game “Monopoly.” In the block two class on B days, the students began working on a new activity, led by their teacher, Mrs. Jane Pearson.

In Accounting Monopoly, instead of just buying properties and exchanging Monopoly money, students wrote checks and receipts. They were required to write the checks when buying property and providing receipts when receiving money. Students also journalized as the game went on. In their journals, students kept track of money used in transactions.

Mrs. Pearson found the idea online, but edited it to fit her class interest.  She wanted to keep students engaged in the topic.

“I needed something students would be interested in while keeping it on the topic of accounting. Monopoly was a good way to incorporate checkbook and transactions,” said Pearson.

The activity lasted approximately six classes. Students were constantly kept on their toes with the challenging assignment.

Sophomore Caileigh Wargacki said, “It was a tedious and challenging game, but it was interesting.”

Students completed the activity and submitted their journals for a final grade.