Anthony S. Perry is Sworn in as Mayor of Middletown

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Anthony S. Perry is Sworn in as Mayor of Middletown

Ryleigh Dargan, Staff Writer

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The year 2018 brought great successes to our Middletown community. Kevin M. Settembrino steps down as mayor and hands off the job to Anthony S. Perry. Perry was sworn in on January 6, 2019, alongside Deputy Mayor Tony Fiore.

Perry, just 28-years-old, is the youngest mayor Middletown has had thus far. He may be young but he has known what he wanted to do since he was a child.

“I first realized I wanted to get involved in politics when I was about 10-years-old. I got my first internship when I was a freshman in high school at a congressional office, filing paperwork and [completing] small tasks to assist the office. When I was in college, I interned for New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie,” Perry said.

Before becoming mayor, Perry was a member of the Middletown Township Planning Board and is currently a trustee of the Middletown Township Library Board.

While every mayor brings something different to the table, Perry believes he has a new approach that makes him stand out. When asked by The Lion’s Roar staff what he is planning on doing to make sure local residents are part of the decision making process he responded,

“Our town is made up of over 67,000 residents – many of those who are involved on our various boards and commissions throughout the town. We partner with them to assist us in make decisions that affect the future of our town.  We’re also evolving the ways we reach our residents—by using social media platforms and our award-winning website, we’re able to communicate as well as [utilize] direct outreach through neighborhood associations to allow residents to have their voices heard.”

Everyone is excited to see what Perry has in store for Middletown. Our community is just as important to him as it is to us.  Being a part of the committee and taking on the position as mayor gives him a voice to be heard in order to help citizens and better our community.

He concluded the interview with these final remarks:

“Middletown is our home. Every decision we make as members of the governing body has and forever will come from our drive to keep Middletown the great place it is and has always been.”

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