Students Visit MetLife Stadium


Gavin Defina, Staff Writer

On November 27, the students of the Business Management and Administration Pathway and the Sports and Entertainment Marketing and Management classes embarked on a field trip to the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, home to the New York Jets and Giants.

Brought together by the Ms. Seid, a new teacher in the Middletown Township School District, this trip marks the second annual trip to MetLIfe Stadium for Middletown North. On the hour long bus ride, the students got to see the stadium and learn more about business techniques, social media and the role of administration. At the stadium, the twenty students had to opportunity to talk to marketers and a team of journalists about their positions and roles at MetLife Stadium. The MetLife Stadium company works around creating advertisements and keeping their guests entertained during the time they spend watching a football game.

The students visited the locker room and box room and then, as a nice surprise, were also able to access the field.  One of the most important takeaways the students gained was that the Jets football team is switching to electronic tickets next year by linking the emails to the phones of fans. This will hopefully increase sales as it will make it easier for people to purchase tickets.  

At the end of the long day, the students were taken to the Panera Bread and Villa Pizza Restaurant on Route 35 in Middletown.

When asked about the experience, sophomore Justin Bartolotti said, “I found it interesting how most of the people that work there now were never really interested in Sports Marketing while in college, but through connections that they made during college and with internships with people who work at MetLife they received the jobs they have now.”

Another student, sophomore Caileigh Wargacki, said, “I had such a fun time and I really enjoyed Panera!”

Students gave many positive reviews about their trip and are looking forward to going again next year. All students who went on the MetLife trip also received free New York Jets tickets for a game on December 15.