National Honor Society Welcomes Juniors and Says Farewell to Seniors

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National Honor Society Welcomes Juniors and Says Farewell to Seniors

Dena Lombardo, Editor-in-chief

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Monday, June 4, the National Honor Society held its Spring Induction for seniors who applied in the Fall and juniors in the Spring.

Already inducted seniors were invited to attend the ceremony, where the entire senior body in the honor society was honored once again. They were also given the option to choose mentors and write something nice about them, which was to be read aloud as the mentor crossed the stage.

Seniors, mentors, and family members met in the library prior to the ceremony for treats, gift giving, and lining up for the ceremony.

The ceremony lasted about two hours. Administrators Dr. Cartier, Mr. Mormile, Mr. Herbert and Mr. Falco stood on the stage to shake the hands of the seniors accepting their mantels and the mentors invited on stage with them. After all seniors had been honored, National Honor Society advisers Mrs. Finch and Ms. Ceravolo called out the names of newly inducted juniors as they approached the stage to receive their certificates.

The ceremony started promptly at 6:30 P.M. and ended shortly after 8 P.M.

Seniors will display their mantels on top of their robes at graduation.

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