Lanyards Cause Anger Amongst Students Before Distribution

Addison Gallagher, Staff Writer

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The students of Middletown High School North resented the inevitable distribution of lanyards throughout the school.

Per annually, administrators from the school hand out the lanyards which hold the photo ID of each student. The use of lanyards are given out for safety purposes in the high school, with the idea that if every student wears them, an unwanted visitor would be easy to locate. However, the student body as a whole has a different idea about the lanyard process.

“Lanyards are irritating and overall ineffective, since not every single student is going to wear them,” junior student Caitlin Gesuelli said, speaking for the majority of students who agree.

Though the school has attempted to use discipline against students who refused to wear lanyards. Failure in this attempt resulted in students never following through on the lanyard rule.

Distribution of lanyards take place on October 3rd and October 4th during students’ literature class. Many predict that the lanyards will be short-lived, but administration for Middletown High School North plans for otherwise.

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