Middletown North to Host Take Your Child To Work Day


Lion's Roar Staff

The Middletown High School North Peer Leaders under the direction of Social Studies teacher Jennifer Smith, will be hosting “Take Your Child To Work Day” on Thursday-April 27, 2023.  The Peer leaders will running a series of events for that day and  teachers who have volunteered will have groups visiting their clasroom to participate/watch lessons.

In past years, Middletown High School North has had children separated into two different age groups and they visit rooms to watch or participate in age appropriate activities.  According to Mrs. Smith, “The faculty and students are so excited that this wonderful activity was brought back to our district.  This experience has always been fun for Middletown High School North and the positive feedback in the past was the reason we knew this initiative had to be done again.”

The Middletown North Peer Leaders have been assigned to different children for supervision throughout the course of the day.  Principal Kevin Cullen has said that this is a great moment for the community and stated that he is “Looking forward to a great day!”

Cover Photo for educational purposes via https://midmichigannow.com/news/local/poll-did-you-bring-your-child-to-work-today