Mrs. Scala Named MHSN Support Staff Employee of the Year


Lion's Roar Staff

Each year the Middletown Township School District selects employees from each school that represent hard work, dedication and professionalism.  This year Middletown High School North is proud to announce that Secretary Mary Ann Scala has been named the 2022-2023 Support Staff Employee of the Year.  Please see Principal Cullen’s announcement below on why Mrs. Scala was the perfect choice for this honor:

High School North is a dynamic learning community where students and staff confidently pursue personalized, as well as collective goals each day. It is an environment that features optimal conditions to foster continuous improvement and enable the realization of meaningful aspirations.  This culture is the direct result of remarkable people who embody our collective mission and uphold the standard of excellence that makes the building so exceptional.  

Today, we will honor an extraordinary support staff employee whose contributions over two decades have enriched stakeholders’ lives, and the campus, in immeasurable ways.  

This individual assumes countless responsibilities that fuel High School North’s irrefutable success.  Her work ensures that the Main Office functions as an efficient and effective administrative unit.  Information from a myriad of sources within, as well as outside of the district, funnel directly through her desk.  This individual’s endeavors enable smooth building-based operations management, support highly effective instruction, and set the foundation for virtually every event that occurs on campus.  She is the point of contact for High School North, and embraces this role with exemplary professionalism. 

This individual approaches her duties with utmost sincerity, is detail-oriented, and demonstrates a truly tireless work ethic.  Most importantly, she epitomizes caring and kindness, qualities that serve as the very foundation of our scholastic community.  Additionally, her pleasant disposition and overall uplifting attitude are contagious, permeating the entire school.  

Stakeholders regularly seek her assistance and guidance, recognizing her depth of institutional knowledge, along with a willingness to exceed expectations in terms of offering help.  She will always go above and beyond the call of duty for others, a quality that makes her absolutely irreplaceable.  

This individual eagerly assists Mr. Cullen with the implementation of new initiatives that are designed to uphold High School North’s rich traditions, and set its course for a truly impressive future.  She supports his endeavors to lead and consistently advance our building.  

She embodies what it means to be a MiddNorth Lion, and we are genuinely grateful for all that she does on behalf of our outstanding learning community.  

Congratulations, Mrs. Scala, High School North’s 2022-2023 Support Staff Employee of the Year.  This is an incredibly well-deserved honor.