Coins for Change-Middletown North Tackle Leukemia and Lymphoma


Olivia Badway, Writer

LLS is a program that strives to cure all blood cancers. One specific student at MHSN, Lauren Dorazio is doing just that. Dorazio and her team are helping to raise awareness and money through the South Jersey Student Visionaries of the Year program.

The money specifically goes to financial assistance, research, and emotional support for cancer victims. Leukemia and Lymphoma is most commonly discovered in children, young adults, and yes, high school students. 

The coin drive all started with patient Daulton, a blood cancer survivor. Daulton and numerous other pediatric cancer patients struggle with the everyday fear of cancer taking over. The side effects of cancer treatment come along with stunts in child development as well.

Dorazio and other MHSN clubs have started fundraising with the 7 week time slot. Dorazio’s goal is that each of her team members raise $2,500 by March 18th. If you are interested in promoting change and tackling cancer, the link for donating is below:

For any additional information, contact [email protected]