New Years Resolutions at MHSN

New Years Resolutions at MHSN

Madeline Fahey and Gia Que, Staff Writers

During the month of January everyone is talking about one thing and one thing only-New Year’s resolutions. Whether you have one or not, usually people want to change something about themselves in the New Year. We wanted to truly figure out what people are thinking about for their resolutions, so we chose to interview as many people as we could here at Middletown North.


As we walked around the halls, trying to find people to interview, we found numerous volunteers with interesting answers. Many offered similar resolutions, but some were unique and really specific. We even heard some that we may want to try for ourselves.


“My goal is to do better in school,” one student stated. Another said, “My goal is to drink more water and become healthier.” Many other students referenced health as well which is nice to hear. 


As we continued our interviews, the responses became more unique.


“My new year’s resolution is to get a boyfriend,” one student passing by in the hallway stated.  This sentiment rang very true for us because who doesn’t want someone to enter the new year with! 


Another unique response was, “I want to find a new job so that I can prepare my money for college.”


These were the answers that we were most impressed with. Throughout the course of the interviews, we could tell that everyone really enjoyed expressing their goals and ideas for the new year and we enjoyed hearing them.