Effective Study Hacks to Prepare for the Oh-So-Scary Midterms

Effective Study Hacks to Prepare for the Oh-So-Scary Midterms

Mia Minson and Isabella Caruso, Staff Writers

The midterms at Middletown High School North are looming ahead of the students. Many are in a frenzy worrying about how to study and get good grades.. Here is a helpful guide on how to prepare and ace all of your exams. 

1. Seek extra help

One of the best ways to study for a test is to reach out to your teachers and ask questions.. Asking questions has been proven to make subjects more interesting, to clear doubts, and to help students retain information easier. Not only that, but teachers can recommend extra practice and help you become more confident in test taking. 

2. Take practice tests

Practice tests are a good way to get a feel for what taking a real test would be like. There are many websites you can use to take free practice tests, such as tests.com or practicequiz.com. 

3. Do study guides 

One of the best gifts that a teacher can give you before a midterm is a study guide. Study guides are most useful when it comes to taking tests since they will cover most of the information that will be given on the test. When you create a study guide make sure to note questions that you struggle with and go back and study them further. 

4. Start Studying Early 

It has been proven that trying to cram all of your information right before a test is very ineffective. Instead of procrastinating, you should start studying 1-2 weeks beforehand. This will give you ample time to master all the information you need to know without the stress of a time crunch. 

Overall, we hope these tips will help you ace your tests. Happy studying!