Check Out This Holiday Antipasto Recipe


Kelsey Shaw, Writer

A Thanksgiving staple in my family is antipasto! Antipasto is a traditional first course of a formal Italian meal. This recipe has been in my family for generations going all the way back to my great great grandparents in Italy! I have decided to share the recipe below along with my preparation video. Enjoy!

2 cans of medium ripe black olives
1 jar of cocktail onions
1/2 a jar of roasted bell pepper strips
2 jars of marinated mushrooms
2 jars of manzanilla olives
6 stalks of celery
1 jar of pepperoncinis
2 jars of quartered marinated artichoke hearts ( with some juice)
8 oz of medium provolone
16 oz of mozzarella
7 oz of pepperoni
9 oz of genoa salami