New Monmouth Students Caught Doing Good at HS North


MTPS Newsletter

At the September 9, 2022 High School North football game, two New Monmouth students, Justin Baeder and Derek Salayi, found a wallet containing quite a bit of money.

The boys brought the wallet to the attention of New Monmouth security guard, Mr. Rob, and High School North Athletic Site Manager, Liz Keene. After the owner was located, she expressed gratitude to these young men and treated them to some concession stand snacks. In an interesting twist, Justin’s mother stated that the person they returned the wallet to was once her elementary school teacher here in Middletown.

On behalf of the New Monmouth school community, Principal Matt Ferri voiced pride in Justin and Derek’s actions. Ms. Keene stated, “It was so refreshing to meet these two young men and to thank them for being such stand-up individuals.”

Great job, boys!