Science Teacher Tim St. Clair Recognized by Board of Education


Lion's Roar Staff

Tim St. Clair, who was selected as Middletown High School North’s 2021-22 Educator of the Year was recognized before the April 27, 2022 Board of Education Meeting.  Mr. St. Clair was honored for exhibiting outstanding performance as a science teacher, impacting student achievement and quality of public schools, and improving academic opportunities according to therecognition program. Mr. St. Clair is recognized as a recipient of the 2021-2022 Monmouth County Superintendents’ Teacher/Educational Services Professionals Recognition Program.

Middletown Township recognized 16 educators and each received a certificate and an award from the Board of Education and Administration. All community members in attendance were able to view a video showcasing the impact each educator has made on their respective school communities. To watch the full Teacher of the Year of Mr. Tim St. Clair, click on the video link below.