Interested in joining the Bottlecappers Club at Middletown North?


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Interested in joining the Bottlecappers Club at North?

If so, join the MHSN Bottlecappers Google classroom page by entering code beb2v7g.  You can also contact Mrs. Coulson or Ms. Teehan with any questions:, who are the club advisors directly at:

Mrs. Coulson [email protected]

Dr. Teehan [email protected]


Please check classroom announcements for an upcoming meeting date and time, and to review the club contract.


Photo via: Bureau for At-risk Youth

Our goal is for you to develop leadership skills and reach out to the District’s elementary and middle schools with classroom activities aimed at anti drug and alcohol prevention education.

The Bottlecapper Program enlists high school students as peer-to-peer role models to educate younger students on the health risks of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use and how to recognize and get help for bullying.

The Bottlecappers team-teach young students about making healthy choices and act as a role model and student leader. In order to be eligible to participate as a Bottlecapper at the elementary and middle schools, applicants must complete mandatory training and must act as a positive role model by remaining faithful to the Bottlecapper pledge to avoid alcohol, drugs and tobacco.