Middletown North Teacher Spotlight: Jane Pearson


Gavin Defina, Writer

Located in the back hallway of the 2400’s is room 2114. In this classroom, students can learn and gain insight from Middletown High School North’s Mrs. Jane Pearson. Mrs. Pearson, a business education teacher, is only one of three business teachers in the building.

Mrs. Pearson’s roots are not, however, in teaching. Pearson studied at the University of Delaware after graduating high school. Balancing two majors, Marketing and Operations Management, as well as having a minor in Management Information Systems, Pearson then graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. 

Jane Pearson Pearson has been teaching Mock Trial, Criminal Business Law, Honors Accounting and Tomorrow’s Teachers at MHSN since 2007.

Pearson stated that she always wanted to be a high school Math teacher until someone told her that many teachers struggle finding jobs. She decided to partake and study the business subjects. Mrs. Pearson received her first position in finance in downtown Manhattan. Working at 1 World Financial (one of the buildings connected to World Trade Center Tower I), Pearson was excited to start her sixth day at work on September 11, 2001, until the disastrous event happened. Scared to work in New York City afterwards, Pearson sought to change her career path in order to become a teacher.

After marrying her husband, Pearson followed him to a military base in Kansas, where she lived in Manhattan and studied at Kansas State University.  She received a Master’s of Science in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Technology in the Classroom.

Pearson began teaching at Middletown High School North in 2007 and has now been teaching here for 14 years! As of this year, Pearson teaches Mock Trial, Criminal Business Law and especially loves teaching Honors Accounting and Tomorrow’s Teachers. Pearson has taught the majority of business classes at North at some point in her teaching career. Even though it is difficult this year to make connections with students, she loves hearing success stories from her former students. As of right now, Pearson has eight former Tomorrow’s Teachers students who are now teachers in the Middletown Township School District.

Mrs. Pearson is also the advisor of several clubs at MHSN including the Mock Trial Club, Future Educators Association, Business and Management Administration Pathway and National Business Honor Society. Pearson is also advising the Senior Internship club this year.  She is extremely involved in a variety of activities at North and takes pride in everything she does.

Thank you Mrs. Pearson for all of your hard work, especially during this tumultuous year, as you never stop to teach students about business, transitioning out of high school and skills that they will need as they take on many challenging endeavors throughout their lives.