Excitement and Nerves: Passing Your Motor Vehicle Driving Test


Emily Simon, Writer

For most Juniors, their driving test is right around the corner, mine is coming up soon and I can’t help but feel anxious about the upcoming event. Getting your driver’s license is a big deal, finally being able to rely on yourself to get from place to place gives a new sense of freedom. 

From  the minute you step foot in your first Driver’s Education class, to the second you get behind the wheel by yourself is an anxiety-ridden process. I remember feeling especially nervous to complete my 6 hours of driving with my driving Instructor. After I got my permit my parents had a hard time accepting that I was close to becoming a real driver, my mom gave me a hard time driving with her. She would constantly yell at me in panic. Driving through Red Bank proved to be an especially aggravating tasks for me. All those cars parallel parked on the street made me nervous that one could pull out and hit me at any moment. One thing that I am most nervous for however is for the day that I actually have to take my test. Most of my friends that have taken their test already tell me that it’s super easy and takes only a minute to complete. However I feel with my luck, this will not be the case. Everyone knows the stereotype out New Jersey DMV workers to be the most miserable people on the planet. I just hope I catch my test administrator on a good mood that day.

Although I am really nervous at the thought of being able to drive by myself, I can’t help but feel an intense sense of freedom. Being able to rely on myself to get from place to place will be so much more convenient. Knowing me, I like to arrive to the place I need to be early, having to rely on someone else to get me places always made me frustrated because we would end up being late. My drivers license however will help this problem, I can arrive as early as I want to places I need to be. One final freedom that I can’t help but appreciate getting my drivers license, will be the ability to take myself to get food anytime I want. My mom is reluctant to take me to smoothie king after school, being able to get smoothies everyday after school will be the best thing to ever happen.

Overall, having a driver’s license is a big responsibility but a great one too. I hope I pass my test when the day comes, getting this test out of way will be of huge relief. I just hope I can acclimate to the crazy New Jersey driving quick.


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