Remembering A True American Hero: Cpl. Horace M. Thorne

Remembering A True American Hero: Cpl. Horace M. Thorne

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November 11, 2019-As another Veterans Day has been celebrated, the Middletown Township community has many service men and women to be proud of.  However, one iconic figure is recognized by Thorne Middle School and his legacy has been inspirational to the student body.  This brave soldier’s name was Corporal Horace “Bud” M. Thorne whom was killed in action during the iconic World War II Battle of the Bulge in Grufflingen, Belgium.

This Middletown soldier has had a lasting impact on Middletown and as a result one of the Township’s middle school’s was named in his honor.   Cpl. Horace Thorne has been a story of inspiration in the community for year’s and a wonderful display has been constructed at Thorne Middle School to recognize his ultimate sacrifice.  This display at Thorne Middle School has many photos and numerous medals, which Cpl. Horace Thorne’s family donated to the school.   This iconic recognition has left a lasting impression on the Thorne students who are now current students at Middletown High School North.   While serving in the United States Army, Cpl, Horace Thorne served in Company D in the 89th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, 9th Armored Division.  During World War II, Cpl. Horace Thorne was killed in action while while demonstrating an amazing sense of bravery and heroism.  Middletown is extremely proud of the sacrifice and dedication of Corporal Horace Thorne and his dedication to the United States of America will not be forgotten.  Below is the transcript that identifies Cpl. Horace Thorne’s recognition for being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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According to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society website (, “He was the leader of a combat patrol on 21 December 1944 near Grufflingen, Belgium, with the mission of driving German forces from dug-in positions in a heavily wooded area. As he advanced his light machinegun, a German Mark Ill tank emerged from the enemy position and was quickly immobilized by fire from American light tanks supporting the patrol. Two of the enemy tankmen attempted to abandon their vehicle but were killed by Cpl. Thorne’s shots before they could jump to the ground. To complete the destruction of the tank and its crew, Cpl. Thorne left his covered position and crept forward alone through intense machinegun fire until close enough to toss 2 grenades into the tank’s open turret, killing 2 more Germans. He returned across the same fire-beaten zone as heavy mortar fire began falling in the area, seized his machinegun and, without help, dragged it to the knocked-out tank and set it up on the vehicle’s rear deck. He fired short rapid bursts into the enemy positions from his advantageous but exposed location, killing or wounding 8. Two enemy machinegun crews abandoned their positions and retreated in confusion. His gun Jammed; but rather than leave his self-chosen post he attempted to clear the stoppage; enemy small-arms fire, concentrated on the tank, killed him instantly. Cpl. Thorne, displaying heroic initiative and intrepid fighting qualities, inflicted costly casualties on the enemy and insured the success of his patrol’s mission by the sacrifice of his life.”


Below is a video link dedicated to Medal of Honor recipient Corporal Horace M. Thorne who was honored by the Burg Reuland community on Monday September 24, 2018 for his courageous actions in World War Two.:



Video created by Airman 1st Class Chanceler Nardone, 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs