Middletown North’s President and Vice President are Elected


Lion's Roar Staff, Writer

On Friday, November 1, 2019, the Middletown High School North student body elected the 2019-20 Student Government President and Vice President.  This year’s President is Senior Jack Costigan and his running mate, Sean Mahoney was elected as the Vice President.  This year’s race featured four different candidates and their Vice Presidential partners.  This years ballot included Jack Costigan/Sean Mahoney, Elena Lichtenstein/Olivia Cerbo, Michaela Foley/Corrine Meinsen and Peter Abbes/Brayden Gazette.  This year’s candidates and running mates conducted wonderful campaigns and should be commended for their effort and hard work.  After collecting all of the voting ballots the final results for the 2019-20 election were:

Finishing in 4th place with 7.2% of the vote:

Elena Lichtenstein and Olivia Cerbo

Finishing in 3rd place with 17% of the vote:

Michaela Foley and Corinne Meinsen

Finishing in 2nd place with 28.7% of the vote:

Peter Abbes and Brayden Gazette

Finishing in 1st place with 47.1% of the vote, the new Middletown High School North President elected was Jack Costigan and Vice President Sean Mahoney.

Although only two students were selected to these positions, all eight candidates are amazing young students that Middletown High School North is proud of.