New Faces At MHSN

Photo courtesy of UK Game shows.

Photo courtesy of UK Game shows.

Vincent Pennino, Staff Writer

There have been a lot of new faces at Middletown North this year. One of the teachers that really stands out is Mr. Rosamilia. He is the new physical education teacher and was a former competitive bodybuilder.  

Mr. Rosamilia is a certified personal trainer and high school strength and conditioning specialist.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Nutrition Counseling.

 Although we are only a couple of months into the school year, Mr. Rosamilia has opened up a program through which he creates specialized workout routines for athletes of all sports at MHSN.  Each week, new routines are created that focus on different areas of the body. He is bringing his experience from Critical Mass, a gym in Shrewsbury, and using it to educate kids on how to get stronger and become better versions of themselves. This is a great way for athletes to build stamina and get stronger, all for free!

We are very excited to have Mr. Rosamilia as a teacher and thankful he has created this program to benefit the students. His organization, hard work and dedication to the school so far have not been overlooked.  The weight room looks the best it ever has and students are looking forward to keeping it that way!