Environmental Club Kickoff Meeting Plants the Seed for a Sustainable Future


Image courtesy of Central High School of Clay County.

Benjamin Tooker, Staff Writer

On September 19, the Environmental Science Club started the year off strong with an after school kickoff meeting. At the meeting, the club’s key goals were made clear, and attendees elected members to the positions of club president and vice president. At the forefront of the room, overseeing the operation of the club was new coordinator Mrs. Spisak, along with longtime adviser of the club Mrs. Woods.

In an interview with Mrs. Spisak about her newfound role in supervising and coordinating the club’s activities, she stated, “I became involved with the Environmental Club because I teach Environmental Science and felt that I could help Mrs. Woods make North a greener place and bring my experiences from the course into the club.” She asserted that the goal of the club is “to encourage student education of Environmental Issues” and to “promote local environmental activism among students, especially with the NESE.”  

In regards to specific goals from last year that she wanted to complete this year, she cited the Annual Beach Sweep with Clean Ocean Action and Meatless Monday meals with club members and members of FCCLA, adding, “We would love to see if Whitson’s could get involved in offering up Meatless Monday options for students”. She also mentioned her plans to utilize the greenhouse, sharing how she is “excited to try and get an event together for Earth Day and work with the Child Development program for an Earth Day lesson. ”

As the club name was changed from the Environmental Club to the Environmental Science Club, Mrs. Spisak explained that the club was merely re-branded to include the word science, adding that “it is still the same club that it was before, so nothing has changed in that regard. We are still working towards educating students about Environmental issues happening in their own backyards.”

As for upcoming events being pursued by the Environmental Science Club, she discussed a fundraiser that will be held at Moe’s Southwest Grill scheduled for 2-8 PM on Wednesday, October 16, and the Annual Beach Sweep with Clean Ocean Action being hosted at the Bayshore Waterfront Park on Saturday, October 26. She also noted that another cacti sale and beach sweep are planned for the Spring.

On a closing note, Mrs. Spisak  invites anyone interested in helping protect the environment to join the club. “We are always looking forward to seeing new faces getting involved in the club and corresponding activities.”