Tonight is Back to School Night!

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Tonight is Back to School Night!

Lion's Roar Staff, Writer

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On October 3, 2019 Middletown High School North will be hosting their annual “Back to School Night”.  Senior Parents are expected to meet in the Auditorium at 6:15 PM.  Parents of students in Grades 9, 10 and 11 can walk through the Co-Curricular Fair in the Library Media Center and/or visit the various table displays in the hallways.

Students are asked to provide their parents with their A/B Day schedules to follow and North Ambassadors will act as tour guides throughout the evening. Also, the High School North Administrative Team will be available in the Library Media Center after Block 6B to meet with any parents.

Below is the Bell Schedule for the Event:

7:00-7:10 Pledge of Allegiance; Welcome Video in Block 1A class

7:10-7:20 Block 1A

7:25-7:35 Block 2A

7:40-7:50 Block 5A

7:55-8:05 Block 6A

8:10-8:20 Block 1B

8:25-8:35 Block 2B

8:40-8:50 Block 5B

8:55-9:05 Block 6B

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