Dance Academy Underway at MHSN

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Victoria Grimaldi, Staff Writer

Recently, the Lion’s Roar Staff spoke with Mrs. Tara Mahoney regarding her thoughts on the new dance program at MHSN.  She was able to provide important information about the program, as well as her background in dance.

The dance class meets every A day during block two.  Each class there is a specific area of focus regarding various dance styles and skills, including technique, warm up, center work as well as choreographic work and skills training with a focus on emotive express through dance. 

When asked how she feels about leading the new dance program, Mrs. Mahoney said, ”I love teaching and working with my students, having enjoyed a professional career in dance performance, as well as owning and operating my own Dance Studio. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to use my professional background and training to teach this new course. This course is something I only dreamed existed when I was a student at MHSN and now that dream has become a reality.”

The creation of this dance program has been in the works for several years.  Now that it has become a reality, Mrs. Mahoney believes it can only grow from here.

Mrs. Mahoney is classically trained in ballet and has studied and performed all other dance styles and disciplines. Her favorite part is sharing her love of dance arts and creative expression with her students and watching them transform through their own training and performance.

When they signed their daughter up for dance classes at the age of two, Mrs. Mahoney’s parents actually had a specific motive.  They wanted to help correct a problem with her feet. Mrs. Mahoney said, “I absolutely loved it from day one and to this day still–teaching, performing and choreographing. Dance is a teaching tool and artistic value, a form of escapism.  Anyone can dance! Dance is a beautiful expression of the soul, to watch dancers dance is to hear their hearts speak.”

Dance class takes place in the dance studio at the Middletown Arts Center.  Room 1202 at MHSN is also sometimes used.

Mrs. Mahoney creates an environment for students to be themselves and to express their emotions. Being able to bring a completely opposite group of girls together to do combinations is extremely wonderful!  Along the way, she also helps to create lasting friendships and a family bond that will never be broken.