Julia Buonacquista Inducted Into All-State Choir

Julia Buonacquista Inducted Into All-State Choir

Samantha Chipman, Staff Writer

Over spring break, Middletown North sophomore, Julia Buonacquista, got the news that she was accepted into the All-State Choir.

All-State Choir is comprised of selected students from a variety of schools across New Jersey.  These students must audition to be a part of this roster and are selected based on their vocals.

In past year auditions were done in person in front of judges; however, this year auditions were done online through videos. Students auditioned for their respective vocal range of soprano, alto, tenor, or base.  (A person’s vocal range is determined by the lowest and highest note an individual can sing.) The videos had to include the student singing a high scale, low scale, chromatic scale, solo and his or her voice part in the quartet.   

All-State practices will begin in the summer and the choir group will perform in November in Atlantic City.

“I was so excited when I found out I got in. It just felt like all this hard work paid off, it was amazing,” Buonacquista said. “It means that I have a chance to make my dreams come true.”

Being accepted into All-State Choir is a great honor and Buonacquista is looking forward to singing and performing with the talented group.