Connelly & Campbell: North’s New President and Vice President

Ryan Fallon, Writer

On October 26, 2018, Middletown High School North hosted the 2018 Presidential Election.  Voting was opened to the entire MHSN student body, in which each student was given the opportunity to cast their vote for either Seniors Patrick Connelly/Aidan Campbell, Seniors Mike Grazioso/Quinn Aker or Juniors Robert Kelly/Luke Zitzner.  Online polls to vote for the student based MHSN Presidential Election were open from 1:oo pm through noon the next day.  After nearly 24 hours of voting, Patrick Connelly was officially elected as the Middletown High School North President and Aiden Campbell as Vice President. In one of the closest voting outcome in recent years, Connelly and Campbell won with 37.6% of the vote.  Kelly and Zitzner finished with about 35.3% and Grazioso and Aker with 27% of the student votes.  

L-R: Quinn Aker, Mike Grazioso, Aidan Campbell, Patrick Connelly and Robert Kelly. Not pictured: Luke Zitzner

Both Patrick Connelly and Aidan Campbell are hardworking and bright individuals.  They are Honor students at Middletown High School North whom are also members of the varsity football team and have been involved with Student Government since the 9th grade.    In their campaign video, Campbell said, “We promise to listen to your voice,” with Connelly adding that they are both “hard-working people”.  After speaking with these two young men, it is obvious that their focus is on serving as the voice of the entire student body and trying to implement positive change to make students overall experience at Middletown High School North a positive one.  Connelly also added, “All of our students are just as important as a person holding a title,  each student’s input is just as important as mine.  My job is to make sure that each student’s message is heard.”